Free 10 Day Video Series
Begins Monday, February 11, 2019
Solution Focused Brief Therapy: 10 Scenarios When It Should Not Have Worked...But Did
It's called "Solution Focused Brief Therapy: 10 Scenarios When It Should Not Have Worked, But Did". In this 10-part daily series I'll be reviewing 10 different hard cases (that ended successfully) and sharing;
  •  The different aspects of the Solution Focused Approach that led towards in hard scenarios.
  •   How to stick to this approach when the session gets "hard".
  •   How to handle client responses that seem hard to use in questions in way that keeps the session moving towards change and not problem talk.
  •  How to not get stuck in session, EVER!
"Elliott, but how do you use this approach with...?"
This is how most of the questions people have asked over the years of teaching the Solution Focused Approach have started. This is because many people learning this approach, and even those experienced, sometimes struggle when working with clients who have stubborn problems or are in complicated situations. That's why I am releasing this free video series about tough situations I've encountered in my years of working with clients.
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